My concerns with self-driving cars

Self-driving cars seem to be inevitable nowadays. It is predicted (by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that by the year 2040 three-quarters of the cars on the road will be self-driving. However, there are some concerns I have with them. This post will address them.
Safety It is not a realistically major concern. I am sure that before they are widely used the major safety concerns will be resolved. However, there might be real problems within the first few years of their main release. You can never be totally safe in any vehicle.
Privacy I am certain that when self-driving cars "hit the market" they will likely add tracking features to them to collect data. The reason that they will collect this information is to improve on your car. Kind of like how Windows 10 sends a lot of information about you and how you use Windows to Microsoft. It may be useful for the company, but they collect way too much with little option for consent. Windows, Android, and iO…

Heb12 Bible App

I have been working on a project for the last few weeks called Heb12. Its goal is to "make a cross-platform usable Bible system." Here are our plans for it:
Make a desktop program (for Windows, Linux, and macOS)Make a web server for sync and other functionsDevelop an online versionMake an Android app We are well underway  in developing the desktop application. The first stable version (1.0) will likely be released in the next two weeks. It currently includes some basic features, including two translations (NET and KJV), many settings for font (size, family, align), and has some support of different themes.
Here are some things we want to get done on the program:
BookmarkingBackend (a little while away from this)More themes I just need an afternoon and I can probably develop the bookmarking feature. The backend will take a lot of work, and I do not know enough to be able to make it yet. I need some people that have a good eye and know CSS for the themes.

Here are my plans for t…

Someone is looking over my shoulder

Today I was casually using my laptop, and I noticed that someone was looking over my shoulder while I was writing. She is still watching me, and probably objects to me posting this on my blog (she objected to that statement).

So, I have decided to write a post about spyware.

Diaspora* social network

I have now made an account with Diasp. It is a part of a network of pods for the Diaspora* social network. It is a very good replacement for social networks such as Facebook. It even supports posting to Facebook and Twitter from itself.

Problems with Freenom

Freenom is a service that allows you to get .tk, .ml, .ga, and .cf domain names for free. That is useful, and now all of my domains use that. Well, you might know, I host my Kids and Computers preview website domain ( with Freenom, but I just went to that website on my tablet, and it gave me an error that my internet was too slow and that my browsing activity is used for ADs! Freenom has too much control over those domains, and I am soon going to just buy a real domain for this website. I encourage anyone wanting a domain name for their website: buy a real domain name, it is only $1 a month! There is too much hassle otherwise.

New Domain Name

I am no longer using for my blog. Instead, I am using It is much simpler and easier to type.


I am learning to use Electron. It is a framework based on Node.js for building programs. On their website they say that if you can make a website, you can make a desktop application with Electron. I thought, "I know how to make websites, so maybe I can make an Electron app!" and now I have started learning it. It actually is quite siple, even though it seems like some JavaScript functions are not supported. In fact, I put in some time code into a progra, and the script wouldn't load at all.
I am working on what I often do when learning a new technology, I build an APOD app. I will keep you updated!