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Website Coding Tips

Here are some tips I have for kids that want to learn to code their own websites.

1. What do I learn?

The things that you absolutely need to know to make a decent website is HTML and CSS. HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is the foundation of every website, with it you write the content and the entire structure of the website. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the style for every website, it is very good to learn to make any style for your website. Here is an example of this website with and without CSS.

See the difference. Learning CSS is important.

Here are some tips for HTML and CSS:

Use proper HTML. End all of your tags, the "<p>" tag should have an ending "</p>" tag.Don't get frustrated if the CSS does not look the way you want, keep working at it, search online for help. I recommend w3schools to learn HTML and CSS, they have great tutorials. Learn HTML well first, then move on to CSS.
JavaScript is a great tool. It can be used for making the websi…

Unity 8 and GNOME

For the last few months I have been looking forward to the new update for Ubuntu 17.04. I did not keep up to date or anything with it, I just knew that it was bringing Unity 8 with it. From what I saw, I thought Unity 8 was neat. The preview that we were given in Ubuntu 16.10 gave that impression to me (even though it was not much). I looked at some images online of what their progress was and I got myself excited. Today, I was shocked. I decided to look up online what was included in the newest testing version of Ubuntu 17.04. I found an article that told me that they discontinued their progression in Unity 8! They were going to switch back to GNOME in Ubuntu 18.04. They were keeping Unity 7 for Ubuntu 17.04. I never tried GNOME before though. I set out to try it today. I installed GNOME as another style framework thing to test it. I loved it. I don't hate Unity though. I like them both. Well, I am still looking forward to the new update, but maybe not as much.

New Blog

This is my new blog to replace Minecraft Boy and my Scratch Programs blog. This will include lots of my programming and coding etc. I am currently working on many projects and will update you often.