Unity 8 and GNOME

For the last few months I have been looking forward to the new update for Ubuntu 17.04. I did not keep up to date or anything with it, I just knew that it was bringing Unity 8 with it. From what I saw, I thought Unity 8 was neat. The preview that we were given in Ubuntu 16.10 gave that impression to me (even though it was not much). I looked at some images online of what their progress was and I got myself excited. Today, I was shocked. I decided to look up online what was included in the newest testing version of Ubuntu 17.04. I found an article that told me that they discontinued their progression in Unity 8! They were going to switch back to GNOME in Ubuntu 18.04. They were keeping Unity 7 for Ubuntu 17.04. I never tried GNOME before though. I set out to try it today. I installed GNOME as another style framework thing to test it. I loved it. I don't hate Unity though. I like them both. Well, I am still looking forward to the new update, but maybe not as much.


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