Website Coding Tips

Here are some tips I have for kids that want to learn to code their own websites.

1. What do I learn?

The things that you absolutely need to know to make a decent website is HTML and CSS. HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is the foundation of every website, with it you write the content and the entire structure of the website. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the style for every website, it is very good to learn to make any style for your website. Here is an example of this website with and without CSS.

See the difference. Learning CSS is important.

Here are some tips for HTML and CSS:

  • Use proper HTML. End all of your tags, the "<p>" tag should have an ending "</p>" tag.
  • Don't get frustrated if the CSS does not look the way you want, keep working at it, search online for help. 
  • I recommend w3schools to learn HTML and CSS, they have great tutorials. 
  • Learn HTML well first, then move on to CSS.

JavaScript is a great tool. It can be used for making the website interactive, which means you can change the website and how it looks while using without reloading the page. JavaScript is very useful and is necessary to learn if you want to make great websites. To make a good website, you do not require a very extensive knowledge of JavaScript, but at least some knowledge is good for you. You should not learn JavaScript before you get the hang of HTML. 

2. What do I use to code it?

Any text editor can work, but some work better than others. I would recommend starting with just Notepad, it is less confusing that way. When I got a code editor before I learned any code, I was very confused. When you think you are ready for something more complicated than Notepad, here is a list of some good ones.
  1. Visual Studio Code is a text editor by Microsoft, it has full support for many different languages. I turned to that after using Notepad, I loved it.
  2. Atom is a great text editor made by GitHub. It is great because you can write a few letters and it will predict what you are going to write (VSC can do that too, but not as well). 

Coding is a great tool. I hope this post helps you somewhat. 


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