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Internet versus World Wide Web

The Internet and the World Wide Web. It seems as though people use them interchangeably all of the time. They think they are the same thing. They are separate things, though similar.

The Internet The internet is a massive network of computers. One computer can connect to another via the internet if both are connected. You likely use the internet for many things, including playing Minecraft (or any other video game) on an external server, downloading games from the app store, or browsing the World Wide Web. It simply connects computers to each other. 
The World Wide Web The World Wide Web is a system based upon the internet, but it is a small portion of it. The World Wide Web uses HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) to send information from servers to your computer. HTTP is only one of the protocols that the internet uses to send information. People use the World Wide Web with a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, they decode the files and turn them into a hu…

Coding Program

I am now going to work on a program that will encode messages. First, it turns your message into ASCII code (binary). Then it will mix it up with a certain algorithm. It will take a bit for me to create it, but I will release the program when I am finished with it. I plan to make it as a website. Using HTML, and JavaScript mainly. If you have anything to say or any ideas for me, please tell me in the comments.

Best Apps in the Ubuntu Software Center

You might have just installed Ubuntu on your computer, or you are wanting to install new apps. Well, here are the ones that I have installed on my computer from the Ubuntu Software Center that I would like to recommend to you.

Audio/Video There are many audio and video editing applications available in the Ubuntu Software Center, to access them go to the category labeled "Audio & Video." Here are some of the best ones in there:

Audacity is an audio recording and editing software, with it you can record any audio through your microphone, and edit it. The tools for editing are good. 

OpenShot is a great tool for editing videos. It may not be the best, but it is great for simple needs. 
VLC Media Player

You might have used this on Windows, well, it is on Ubuntu too, and it works great. VLC Media Player works great on Ubuntu, it supports many video files and is a great alternative to the default video application for Ubuntu. 
Graphics & Photography The …