Technology Website for Kids

I have come up with the idea within the last few months to make a website for kids that talks about technology related things. It would include information about many different aspects of computers, programs, programming, web design, and other things that relate to technology in general.

I have already started making a website for it, but sadly I can not put it on the web right now for you to preview. I have designed the website's layout, including headers, footers, and other general design, but I need ideas for content and a good homepage.

I intend to make a section of the website devoted to teaching people how to code. It will at first include HTML and CSS, then I am going to build a tutorial on JavaScript. Even though I can and have been planning to do these tutorials on my own, it would be great if I could have some help making them. Eventually I hope to add some programming languages to the mix, but I have not mastered any as of now, so I will need help if that is going to happen.

So, if anyone wants to help with anything or would be willing to give me their ideas, please mention it in the comments.

Thank you for reading,



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