Twitter Account + APOD Extension + GitHub

I have done a lot in the last few months. Here is a summary.

Twitter Account

I have opened up a Twitter account. I will be posting quick snippets about what I am doing and advertising other projects. Not much.

My username is the same as it is else ware, MasterOfTheTiger.

APOD Extension

I went to AMO (Firefox Extensions) and was looking for different extensions that I could try. I like the astronomy picture of the day ( ), and I was going to see what AMO offered for that. There was none! No one had made any kind of browser extension for it! So I set out to make one myself. I really like what I have come up with, I hope you will too.

Get it for Firefox!

View it on GitHub!


I have had a GitHub account for quite a while now, but I never looked into how to use Git. Recently I set out to change that. I learned how to use Git and GitHub and now most of my projects are hosted there. It would be neat if some people help me out with some.

My GitHub page


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