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Problems with Freenom

Freenom is a service that allows you to get .tk, .ml, .ga, and .cf domain names for free. That is useful, and now all of my domains use that. Well, you might know, I host my Kids and Computers preview website domain ( with Freenom, but I just went to that website on my tablet, and it gave me an error that my internet was too slow and that my browsing activity is used for ADs! Freenom has too much control over those domains, and I am soon going to just buy a real domain for this website. I encourage anyone wanting a domain name for their website: buy a real domain name, it is only $1 a month! There is too much hassle otherwise.

New Domain Name

I am no longer using for my blog. Instead, I am using It is much simpler and easier to type.


I am learning to use Electron. It is a framework based on Node.js for building programs. On their website they say that if you can make a website, you can make a desktop application with Electron. I thought, "I know how to make websites, so maybe I can make an Electron app!" and now I have started learning it. It actually is quite siple, even though it seems like some JavaScript functions are not supported. In fact, I put in some time code into a progra, and the script wouldn't load at all.
I am working on what I often do when learning a new technology, I build an APOD app. I will keep you updated!